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At Worthington, we understand the challenge of providing innovative solutions that optimize driving performance, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. We specialize in providing the exacting steel grades and hands-on metallurgical support required for success. With over 60 years of trusted partnership with automotive manufacturers, we help you deliver the precision and efficiency that your customers demand.

Common Applications


Steel for door frames and other complex framing components made more efficiently.


First Operation Blanking
Dry Film Lubricant


The highest quality steel for when performance and reliability are critical.


Cold Rolled Steel
Hot Rolled Steel


High-strength steel to withstand shocks, weather, and road conditions


Galvanized Steel
Hot Rolled Steel


Steel is the foundation of durable wheels and rims that resist impact and road damage.


First Operation Blanking
Hot Rolled Steel


Dependable steel for seat belts, seat tracks, and airbag components.


Cold Rolled Steel
Hot Rolled Steel

Hands-On Materials Support

Work with us to get exactly the grade you need.

It’s not just what’s in your steel—it’s how it’s treated. We have access to a wide range of raw materials, and apply advanced processing methods to alter steel’s performance to fit your specs with precision. Exhaustive testing by our metallurgists proves that it will perform under required conditions. Ask us about developing exactly the grade you need.


Supply Chain Solutions

Adding value at every step of the supply chain.

Worthington is your single-source solution provider for steel at all levels. We support Tier I, II, and III automotive programs, ensuring you meet stringent industry requirements for safety and strength. We also work with you to make your products better: including problem solving, lean exercises, and finding ways to improve the value and performance of your product.


Buying Intelligence

Protecting your margins, mitigating your risk.

Many of our customers in the automotive industry find that unpredictable pricing and inventory in steel markets are risks they can’t afford. We partner with you on strategic solutions that help protect your profit margins and minimize risk across the entire supply chain. Learn more about managing price risk and download our white paper detailing four strategies.


Explore our expanded electric vehicle capabilities.

Tempel, the largest maker of precision steel laminations in North America, serves the hybrid and EV markets. Visit their website to explore their products and capabilities.


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Find your steel.

Collaborate with us to adapt to changing consumer needs and government requirements, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and strength.

More than half of the passenger vehicles on the road today have Worthington’s steel in them—in more than 50 parts of a vehicle.

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