Heavy Trucks

Bold steel solutions to optimize performance and durability
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Improving performance, every time.

From developing high-strength steel grades to applying plain carbon, our team works with you to ensure comprehensive metallurgical analysis and top-quality results. Our customized steel solutions optimize your manufacturing processes, delivering consistent shape, tight tolerances, and exceptional formability. Trust us to keep you moving forward with reliable delivery and flexible purchasing options.

Common Applications

Seats, Frames & Chassis

Steel for the tough parts of the toughest rigs, including frame rails, drive trains, wheels, chassis, and seats.


First Operation Blanking
Hot Rolled Steel

Transmissions & Drive Trains

The highest quality steel for precision, performance, and reliability.


Cold Rolled Steel
Hot Rolled Steel

Truck Trailers

UHSS grades for more strength at a lighter weight, and galvanized steel for corrosion protection.


Hot Rolled Steel

Wheels & Rims

Steel to support heavier payloads and withstand harsh road conditions. UHSS grades balance fuel economy with toughness.


First Operation Blanking
Hot Rolled Steel


Steel for suspensions with durable performance and corrosion protection.


First Operation Blanking
Hot Rolled Steel

Hands-On Materials Support

Work with us to get exactly the grade you need.

It’s not just what’s in your steel—it’s how it’s treated. We have access to a wide range of raw materials and apply advanced processing methods to alter steel’s performance to fit your specs with precision. Exhaustive testing by our metallurgists proves that it will perform under the required conditions. Ask us about developing exactly the grade you need.


Supply Chain Solutions

Adding value at every step of the supply chain.

Worthington is your single-source solution provider for flat-roll steel at all levels. We support Tier I, II, and III heavy-truck programs, ensuring you meet stringent industry requirements for safety and strength. We also work with you to improve your processes, including problem solving, lean exercises, and finding ways to improve the value and performance of your product.


Buying Intelligence

Protecting your margins, mitigating your risk.

Many of our customers in the heavy truck industry find that unpredictable pricing and inventory in steel markets are risks they can’t afford. We partner with you to design a strategic purchasing strategy customized to your needs to bring more predictability to your supply chain and, ultimately, your bottom line. Click below to learn more about our Buying Intelligence approach.


Find your steel.

Collaborate with us to adapt to changing consumer needs and government requirements, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and strength.

A leader in fine blanking, and our partner, rated us 100% for on-time delivery, and 98.9% for product quality.

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