Steel Slitting

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Our steel slitting machines give you greater precision in manufacturing. For coils and sheets, we provide the width and length you need, ready to integrate into your process. Custom steel slitting helps you optimize production and equipment, improve yields, and reduce waste.

How It Works

Creating steel to your exact dimensions.

Our steel slitting process uses rotary knives to cut wide coils of steel into s maller widths or into shorter steel coils, according to your specific height and width requirements. We also have the capacity to provide recoiling services on our slitters, creating resized coils that meet your specifications for inside and outside diameters.

Wide Range Of Specs

From half an inch to six feet-plus.

Technical DataUS Metric
Material Thickness.015” - .500 ”.381 - 12.7mm
Material Width.500” - 73”12.7 - 1854.2mm
Incoming OD (Max)78”1981.2mm
Outgoing ID (Max)16”, 20”, 24”406.4, 508, 609.6mm
Gauge MonitoringIsotopeNA

Full Capabilities

Check out our wide-ranging capabilities.

Collaborate with us to create the exact steel you need. We have the expertise, experience, and capacity to make your process even more efficient by adding:

  • Pickling, skin pass temper rolling
  • First operation blanking, dry lube
  • Oscillate slitting
  • Cold rolling, one-pass rolling, temper rolling
  • Hydrogen annealing
  • Cut-to-length sheets
  • Galvanizing, galvalume, acrylic


Technical Solution

Cracking in forming process?

Even when all material specs are met, sporadic cracks can happen. See how analysis and expertise solved it.

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