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Whatever steel grade you specify, we deliver. Consistently. And not just by the numbers. Our metallurgists develop and refine your grade to make it optimal for your application. Once we’ve zeroed in on what works best for you, every shipment performs to your expectations. Every time. With Worthington, you’ll find the right grade. And a better solution.


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Interstitial Steel (EDDS, IF)

Highest formability, low strength. This steel is typically vacuum degassed and commonly stabilized with titanium or niobium. Required for deep-drawn complex parts that would split in the forming process if more carbon were present.


Plain Carbon Steel

Grades with varying amounts of carbon, 0.02% - 1.0%. Mild steel is typically used for high-forming applications, while high-carbon steels are typically used in applications that are heat-treated.



Common alloys added: silicon, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, or chromium. Used when the application requires additional attributes such as toughness and wear-resistance. For instance, a high-carbon knife vs. an alloy knife: same strength and hardness, but the alloy stays sharp longer.



Grades made to a strength requirement. Adding carbon and manganese creates high strength and very low formability. Best for structural parts where strength is crucial, but formability isn't. Good for roll formed applications, corrugated panels, or right-angle bends.



High-strength, low-alloy steel, also called microalloyed steel. Made with a small amount of vanadium, titanium, or columbium, adding strength without adding carbon. Meets high strength requirements, with more formability than basic structural grades.



Advanced high-strength steel, ultra-high strength steel. Like structural and HSLA steel, made to meet a strength requirement. Recommended when the steel needs to be even stronger than an HSLA with a similar amount of formability.



Makes it easier to achieve hardening through heat treating, often with a salt or oil quench for toughness. It is an economical option when only basic hardening is required. Used for hot stamping or when heat treatment is desired after forming.



Often used exclusively in automotive crash protection, for bumper or side impact panels. This is for light gauge applications that are roll formed. This is a cost-effective solution vs. post-fabrication heat treatment.


Bake Hard

Low carbon grades to provide a good amount of formability but with phosphorous added so material hardens during paint curing process. Used exclusively for dent-resistant panels.


Whatever grade you need, we make it consistent and reliable.

TypeCommon GradesProductsCommon Applications
EDDS1002Cold Rolled, Galvanizedoil pans, severe drawn parts, galvanized substrate
Low Carbon1006, 1008, 1010Cold Rolled, Galvanizedany bent, flat or limited formed application, tubing, off highway wheels
Medium Carbon1018, 1020, 1025, 1026Hot Rolled, Cold Rolleddrive train, drive shaft, bearings
High Carbon1030, 1035, 1050, 1055, 1070, 1074, 1075, 1080, 1095Cold Rolleddrivetrain, clutch, saw blades, bearings, brakes, knife blades
Alloy1524, 4130, 4140, 4150, 5120, 5140, 6150, 51crv4, 16mncr5, ams6385, 8665Hot Rolled, Cold Rolleddrivetrain, bearings, chain, sawblade, chainsaw blade, wear resistance, toughness requirements, heat-treated applications, aircraft brake components
Structuralgrade33, grade36, grade40, grade50, grade55, grade60, grade70, grade80Hot Rolled, Galvanizedany application where specified strength requirements are needed, usually construction/building products, agriculture, solar, fencing, tubing, good for roll-formed applications, corrugated panels, or right-angle bends
HSLA / AHSSgrade45 (grade300), grade50 (grade340), grade60 (grade420), grade70 (grade490), grade80 (grade550), grade90 (grade620), grade100 (grade700), gradeDP590, gradeDP780, gradeMP760Allcommonly used on automobiles, heavy truck, and select agricultural
UHSS (>980 MPa)DP980, DP1180, hot stamping (boron steels), Gen 3 SteelsCold Rolled, Galvanizedeffectively creating a roll cage for the vehicle
Boron Grade15B22, 15B25, 15B27, 15B30, 10B21, 10B38Hot Rolledpress hardened applications, mower blades, ag plow applications
MartensiteM130, M190, M220, MS 1300, MS 1500, MS 1700Cold Rolled, Galvanizeddrive train, safety applications, door panels
Bake HardBH180, BH210Cold Rolled, Galvanizedtypically only automotive for dent resistance; provided as galvanized product

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