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Steel is no longer just a material, it's a key variable in manufacturing success.
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Work with Worthington and benefit from more than our full capabilities. We're located close to the mills for speed and convenience.
Beyond steel processing... it's the amazing people who make our steel—and their vast experience and technical expertise.

Toll Processing

Our experienced team makes your process smarter.

We help you grow your business—without investing in more capacity. Whether you need a short-term fix or a long-term contract, you benefit from our dedicated service, full-scale production ability, and expert advice on processes, materials, and industries. Let us show you how to control your costs, manage lead times, and get the job done right by partnering with us. See our robust menu of services, with the broadest gauge range in North America.

Gm & John Deere 2021 Awards

If we can win awards from these guys...

It proves that our people have what it takes to satisfy every customer and make their business better. Recently, Worthington Steel was recognized by GM and John Deere for going above and beyond… again. These are annual awards that go to selected suppliers for noteworthy excellence in products, quality, and innovation. For John Deere, we’re a repeat Partner-Level Supplier, making us a ten-year Hall of Fame member. For GM, we were one of 134 Suppliers of the Year named around the globe.

This past year, Worthington Steel's processing received a 100% overall customer support rating from our top customers.

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