Innovative steel solutions delivering durability in your field
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Exacting grades of flat-rolled steel for your specific applications.

Whether you manufacture grain bins, farm equipment, or irrigation systems, your customers rely on you for safe, innovative solutions that perform. From hot-rolled to galvanized, our specialized solutions will meet your grade, flatness, and surface requirements, ensuring reliable performance in manufacturing—and in the field.

Common Applications

Off-Highway Wheel & Rims

Quality steel for tough wheels—supporting the heaviest farm equipment while resisting damage.


First Operation Blanking
Dry Film Lubricant


Steel for durable, rugged pipe and tubular parts—with support to serve your shifting supply and demand.


Galvanized Steel
Hot Rolled Steel

Grain Bins

Structural grades for optimal strength and manufacturing ease, durable coatings for appearance.


Galvanized Steel
Hot Rolled Steel


Steel with consistent surface quality and shape attributes for equipment such as hay balers and combines.


Hot Rolled Steel
Cold Rolled Steel

Farm Implements

High-performing steel for augers and tillage to cultivators—to fit mechanical and manufacturing requirements.


First Operation Blanking
Hot Rolled Steel

Hands-On Materials Support

Ensuring your steel performs.

It’s not just what’s in your steel—it’s how it’s treated. We have access to a wide range of raw materials and apply advanced processing methods to ensure consistent shape, quality, and advanced corrosion protection. When your steel isn’t performing as expected, our metallurgists come on-site for a full assessment. Armed with their findings and a collection of material samples, a full lab workup provides actionable, cost-effective solutions.


Supply Chain Solutions

Adding value at every step of the supply chain.

Worthington is your single-source solution provider for flat-rolled steel at all levels. We support Tier I, II, and III agricultural equipment programs, ensuring you meet stringent industry requirements for flatness and surface quality. We also work with you to improve your processes, including problem-solving, lean exercises, and finding ways to increase the value of your products.


Buying Intelligence

Protecting your margins, mitigating your risk.

Many of our customers in the agricultural industry find that unpredictable pricing and inventory in steel markets are risks they can’t afford. We partner with you to design a strategic purchasing strategy—customized to your needs—to bring more predictability to your supply chain and, ultimately, your bottom line. Click below to learn more about our Buying Intelligence approach.


Find your steel.

Our steel for agriculture really performs—tailored to your specifications, with multiple processes under one roof to save you time and money.

This past year, our steel processing received a 100% overall support rating from our top customers.

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