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Steel is no longer just a material. It is a key variable in manufacturing success.
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How and when you need it - flat roll products processed for you.


Flat Roll

Worthington Steel is one the largest flat roll steel processors in North America.

Specializing in hot roll, cold roll, strip, and galvanized, we produce exceptional quality products that yield reliable manufacturing consistency. Our breadth of capabilities and multiple facility locations ensure you get exactly the steel you need from a robust supply chain you can trust.


Worthington's commitment to steel quality goes beyond the ordinary.

With a history of processing steel since 1955, we know the "how" in steel processing is paramount to your success. Our extensive processing capabilities, in-house testing, and advanced inline measurement techniques for surface and gauge exemplify our dedication to delivering the steel you require.

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steel grades

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The consistency you need with performance you desire.

If a steel's chemistry alone guaranteed manufacturing results, you could confidently get a successful outcome by selecting grade alone. Unfortunately, that isn’t how steel works. Whether you are stamping, bending, roll-forming, or drawing parts, Worthington’s team of dedicated metallurgists ensures you are ordering the right grade, from the right source, with the right processing to deliver consistent performance - without any surprises.


Warehouse of steel coils

Toll Processing

View us as an extension of your facility.

Do you need more steel processing capacity? Don't own the right equipment to process your steel? Want to simplify your inventory management? On top of our extensive catalog of capabilities, our toll-processing team brings substantial experience meeting your customers' demands. We’re ready to handle it.


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We have ears to listen. And experts who answer.