Durable, weather-resistant steel for safer, stronger builds
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Trust our steel for structural integrity.

Steel is the backbone of your industry, going far beyond I-beams and rebar. Flat-roll steel—our specialty—is used in a growing number of applications, from pre-fabricated panels to steel studs and joists. We're here to guide you with expert advice on the best steel for your project, rust protection, and special coatings for enhanced roll-forming capabilities. Our solutions ensure you can guarantee your customers a strong and durable outcome.

Common Applications

Metal Struts

The most cost-effective grades and gauges for making cabling, conduit, shelving, and brackets.


Cold Rolled Steel
Hot Rolled Steel

Metal Studs

Strong, dependable steel solutions for pre-fab panels and traditional construction, delivered with flexible lead times.


Cold Rolled Steel
Galvanized Steel


Heavy gauges and different coating weights meet our strict quality requirements and arrive when you need them.


Galvanized Steel

Electrical Enclosures & Conduit

Our steel strengthens utility panel boxes, cabinets, outlet boxes, lighting equipment, and conduit.


Galvanized Steel
Cold Rolled Steel

Industrial HVAC

Galvanized steel for long-lasting, weather-protected cases, frames, enclosures, and tubing.


Galvanized Steel
Cut to Length Steel

Metal Buildings

High-quality, durable steel solutions for metal framing, purlins, and girts.


Hot Rolled Steel
Galvanized Steel

Metal Decking

Structural steel for panels and brackets—certified to your design requirements.


Cold Rolled Steel

Hands-On Materials Support

Top-quality steel and support for maximum productivity.

If you’re a high-volume manufacturer of construction components, you need steel that “just runs.” Our metallurgical team has the experience to ensure consistent quality for reliable throughput. In addition, they are on hand to support new application development and to help with cost-saving measures such as grade reduction, coating reviews, and solutions to improve processing efficiency.


Supply Chain Solutions

Adding value at every step of the supply chain.

Our galvanizing line is strategically located near mills, giving us the ability to react to your changing needs with shorter lead times. Our extensive network of processors can simplify your life to one service team and invoice. In addition, you can tap our expertise for help with managing scrap, tightening up your ordering process, reducing your working capital, and discovering opportunities to cut materials costs.


Buying Intelligence

Protecting your margins, mitigating your risk.

Many of our customers in the construction industry find that unpredictable pricing and inventory in steel markets are risks they can’t afford. We partner with you to design a strategic purchasing strategy—customized to your needs—to bring more predictability to your supply chain and, ultimately, your bottom line. Click below to learn more about our Buying Intelligence approach.


Find your steel.

From manufacturing to the job site, from foundation to roof, our metallurgical excellence helps ensure the integrity of your steel.

In a market ruled by regulations, our construction customers trust us to meet or exceed their requirements, with outstanding quality, service, and lead time management.

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