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Now Leading the Charge with Electrical Steel Laminations


Worthington + Tempel: Acquisition News

Recently, Worthington acquired Tempel Steel Company—and with added capabilities, Worthington enters the rapidly growth electrical steel market.

Tempel is a global leading manufacturer of precision magnetic steel laminations for motors and transformers. This new alliance makes us a world leader in electrical steel laminations, particularly for demanding industries, such as, electric vehicles, alternative energy, back-up power generation, oil and gas, and distributed energy.



A like-minded approach: make steel perform better

Like Worthington, Tempel focuses on making its steel products better for its customers. Tempel laminations are the ingredient that ensures the performance of a wide range of extraordinary products. Adding Tempel’s technical and industry knowhow to Worthington’s scale and solutions-driven approach further elevates our ability to add value across an even wider range of steel applications. This acquisition brings the best of both together.



The Tempel difference makes a difference

Tempel’s customer-first approach means we partner with you from early product development to production—to ensure that your finished product meets all cost and performance needs. Visit the web site for more details on Tempel precision manufacturing, sourcing, metallurgy, engineering, prototyping, product design, tooling, and value-added capabilities.

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