Global Solutions for Vehicle Optimization
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Based in Monroe, Michigan and formed in 1992, TWB Company is a joint venture between Worthington Steel, as majority owner, and BAOSteel Tailored Blanks. As the North American market and technology leader for tailor welded products, TWB’s customers benefit from our multiple locations throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada, along with the global support we leverage from our affiliated facilities throughout Europe and Asia.


Superior Solutions from Start to Finish

Tailor welded products reduce weight, lower cost, improve material utilization, consolidate parts and upgrade performance.

It starts with individual steel or aluminum sheets of different thickness, strength and coating, which are then joined together by laser welding. This produces a single welded blank panel that can be stamped or formed into a finished part.

The resulting products provide TWB’s customers with cost-effective, lightweighting solutions that deliver unmatched performance, strength and durability to meet the fuel economy, range and safety requirements of today and the future.


Better Components. Better Value. Better for the Planet.

TWB’s solutions help customers optimize performance while being conscious of costs and environmental impacts.


Advanced High Strength Steels reduce weight without compromising strength. Using the right materials in the right places provides a cost-effective means to meet lightweighting goals.

Safety & Crash Management

By focusing high strength materials in targeted areas, tailor welded blanks serve as critical components to better protect drivers and passengers.

Material Utilization

Consolidating parts for improved nesting efficiencies drives lower costs for both tooling and assembly lines and reduces product design costs as well.


Used in a wide variety of applications for Battery Electric Vehicles, tailor welded blanks play a key role in helping the automotive industry move toward a zero-carbon emissions reality.

Driving Progress with Uncompromising Quality

TWB’s product lines meet and exceed the demands of the automotive industry.

Hot Formed Tailored Blanks (HFTB)

New manganese-boron steel alloys can achieve far greater strengths after hot stamping than conventional processes, resulting in thinner materials that can deliver equivalent or even improved crash performance.

Tailored Aluminum Blanks (TAB)

TWB provides the best solutions for the increasing demand for aluminum used in automotive closure parts, while reducing cost via friction stir or laser welding of a variety of aluminum grades.

Tailored Welded Coil (TWC)

Tailor welded coils bring proven advantages to coil fed operations, such as progressive dies, roll forming, blanking, and coil fed transfer press lines.

Standard Tailor Welded Blanks

TWB stands as the market leader in the tailored blank industry with over 30 years of experience supporting all North American OEMs on our linear and non-linear weld systems.

Traditional Monolithic Blanks

TWB has multiple presses that can produce rectangles, trapezoids and configured blanks for both unexposed and Class 1 exposed applications from a variety of materials.

Product Development

A Trusted Ally for Innovative Solutions

Customers rely on TWB for proactive support at every stage of new product development. Their expertise helps design solutions that reduce material cost and weight and improve quality and performance while optimizing production processes.

Wherever steel and aluminum are used, tailored products can improve results. Beyond automotive applications, TWB’s solutions can power innovation for industries such as alternative energy, appliance, trucking, rail car, shipbuilding, construction, trailer, elevator/escalator, and furniture.