Electrical Steel Laminations

Powering a Sustainable Future
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The worldwide transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles demands reliable suppliers able to adapt to the technological revolution in transportation. Additionally, aging infrastructure will require increased upgrades to support increased energy and data usage.

Worthington and Tempel are playing an active role in reducing the carbon footprint by encouraging significant growth in renewable energy, which utilizes electric motors.


Innovation & Expertise to Energize Progress

Global manufacturing capabilities allow Tempel to partner with its customers worldwide and deliver highly engineered electrical steel lamination solutions for electric motors, transformers and generators.

Moving Markets Forward

Tempel’s expertise and proven partnership helps its customers improve motor efficiency, reduce product development cycle times, and lower overall system cost.

Tempel, Earning Global Trust

“If you were to do a new product introduction, Tempel is the kind of company you want to partner with."
“Tempel has a better quality standard and more precise product in North America.”
“I’ve never had a single quality issue with Tempel Steel in my 20+ years of magnetics experience.”

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