Steel Processing

Our expertise in steel processing is the core of everything we do
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We work harder to make steel work better for you.

Collaborate with us to adapt to changing consumer needs, market demands and government requirements while maintaining the highest standards of quality, strength, performance and reliability in your products.

Worthington Steel Processing

Steel Processing and Innovative Solutions that Span Decades and Industries

Since 1955, Worthington has been delivering top quality and service that enables our customers to do the same for theirs. Our steel processing capabilities serve a variety of markets, including automotive, heavy truck, agriculture, construction and energy.

Our commitment to our customers’ businesses goes far beyond supplying steel. We provide advanced materials support, price risk management, supply chain solutions and the highest level of customer service and collaboration.

Tempel Steel

Electrical Steel Laminations Advancing the Future of Transportation

Through the acquisition of Tempel Steel, Worthington is now a world leader in the rapidly growing electrical steel market, expanding our sustainable mobility offerings for hybrids, electric vehicles and the infrastructure needed to support them.

As a global manufacturer of precision laminations for electric motors, transformers and generators, we partner with our customers through every step of their projects to deliver the highest quality and most exacting specifications, helping them to achieve improved motor efficiency, reduced product development cycle times and lower overall system costs.  

TWB Company

Tailor Welded Blanks to Optimize Product Performance

A Worthington Steel joint venture, TWB Company is the largest and most advanced tailor welded products supplier in North America. Through their lightweighting solutions, TWB supports the automotive industry in delivering unmatched performance, strength and durability to meet the fuel economy, range and safety requirements of today and the future.

Beyond automotive, tailor welded products can be used anywhere steel and aluminum can be combined to save weight, reduce costs, improve material utilization and consolidate parts.