Driving Momentum With Steel
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Few materials can match the strength and momentum of steel. Steel keeps us safer. It changes the skyline and electrifies the future. At Worthington Steel, we’re leading metals processing toward sustainable innovation. Together with our partners, we’re driving steel forward.

The Power of Steel

Transformation Is Our Legacy

We harness steel’s inherent capacity for change to deliver impactful products. Need to make it lighter and faster without sacrificing strength? Need to bring a new idea to life?

It starts with steel and continues forward with solutions. With our expertise and support, we make the incredible happen every day.


Making Tomorrow Better Today

Our focus on sustainability improves products’ performance without losing sight of the bigger picture. We take action now to impact the future we all share. We’re your trusted metals processing partner, driving progress.

Our Philosophy

Built On The Golden Rule, Fortified By Steel

We treat others as we would like to be treated. Whether you’re an employee, customer, supplier or shareholder, we believe you deserve the kind of relationship where trust and success grow in tandem. By putting people first, we never lose sight of what’s most important.

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Let our world-class expertise help you meet your business goals.
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Worthington Steel

Your Trusted Metals Processing Partner

We’re leading our industry into the future, building on the progress and innovation from our history as Worthington Industries.


High-Precision Innovation for the Future

We drive progress, efficiency and performance for electric vehicles, industrial manufacturing.


Simplifying Steel for Higher Performance

Higher quality. Lower costs. We tailor steel to reduce complexity and heighten efficiency.


Put the power of Worthington Steel to work for you.