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All Worthington Steel facilities are certified to the standards set for the ISO 14001 environmental management system, ISO 18001 safety management system and TS 16949 quality management system.


Click on a link below view and print Worthington Steel ISO and TS certificates.

Health & Safety Management System Registrations

OHSAS 18001 Certificate

Environmental Management System Registrations

ISO 14001 Certificate

Quality Management System Registrations

Baltimore ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
Cleveland ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
Columbus ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
Columbus ISO 9000 Certificate
Decatur ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
Delta ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
Monroe ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
Porter ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
Precision Specialty Metals ISO 9001 Certificate
Spartan Steel Coating ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
Steelpac ISO 9001 Certificate
WSP - Canton ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
WSP - Jackson ISO/TS 16949 Certificate
WSP - Taylor ISO/TS 16949 Certificate


Material Safety Data Sheets include chemical, physical and hazard information about specific Worthington Steel products. Click the link below for a printable MSDS.

WS001 Plain Carbon Steel
WS002 Alloy Steel
WS003 High Mn Steel
WS004 HSLA Steel
WS005 Hot Dipped Galvanized Carbon Steel
WS006 Hot Dipped Galvanized HSLA Steel
WS007 Hot Dipped Galvanized Carbon Steel with Acrylic Coating
WS008 Hot Dipped Galvanized HSLA Steel with Acrylic Coating
WS009 PrimaCoat Steel
WS010 PrimaCoat Conductive Steel
WS011 Electro-Galvanized Carbon Steel
WS012 Ferrous Chloride Solution
WS013 Iron Rich Filter Cake